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Repair Training

Structural Property Solutions provide training throughout the UK. Our technical team is available for onsite training for large commercial or smaller independent companies.


We offer the following training:

SPS Training


Concrete & Masonry Repairs (Pointing)

Introduction to cementitious products, demonstration, and practical repair methodisation.

Lime Render

The course is an introduction with comprehensive technical advice on how lime works, functions, where and when it can be used and the benefits of the material used.

Stone Repair

Identifying restoration problems. Choosing the correct material for the job. Blending edges. Fixing cracks and chips.

Concrete and masonry repair
Lime Render
Stone Repair

Brick & Mortar Repair

A practical course providing an understanding of and basic skills of modern masonry repairs.

Helical Bar (Basic)

Provide attendees with a practical introduction in the use of Helical bars for stabilisation and reinforcement.

Helical Bar (Intermediate)

For the more advanced candidate – An in-depth technical demonstration together with a practical session designed to refine your skills.

Brick Repair
Helical Bar
Helical Bar

Masonry Beaming

 Diagnosing problems. Recommending the correct repair strategies and how to implement them practically.

Lintel Reinforcement

Practical demonstration of modern-day methods of reinforcement for either solid or cavity walls.

Lateral Restraints

A demonstration showing the benefits of lateral restraints to restrict movement of the separating or gable walls.

Masonry Beam
Lintel Reinforcement
Lateral Restraint

Crack Repairs

How to select suitable methods of repair using evaluation of the structure. Technical advice, methods, and stabilisation.

Wall Tie Installation

Learn the technique of brick tinting without altering the texture and surface of brickwork. This course enables the candidate to create bespoke colour matching solutions for their specification. A practical course involving application, mixing, and shading.

Brick Tinting

Identifying the signs of wall tie failure. Inspection and investigation. Practical demonstration of replacement and remedial wall ties.

Crack Repair
Wall Tie Installation
Brick Tinting

Why Train with SPS?

Train with Structural Property Solutions and you will receive free, ongoing technical advice, leads in your area, discount on further training courses and products, affiliation and promotion on our social media platforms, access to our Approved Installer networking group, continued professional development for your staff.

If you are interested in any of the above or require further information, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.

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