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Introducing Restoration Group South!

Restoration Group South partners with accredited companies to provide project management and lead generation, and specifications. SPS is a subsidiary company of RGS.

"Our expert team can overcome a wide range issues that occur from internal and external damages. We take on and project manage our jobs to overcome challenges with confidence, restoring our client's properties to their full potential."

Restoration Group South

How can RGS help you?

We can support with home-improvements and refurbishment within the fire and flood industry. This can also include installation of desiccant dehumidifiers and injection drying regimes. Our team can undertake structural stabilisation as well as crack stitch repairs, along with stone and brick repairs/tinting. We also offer insurance backed guarantees and design liability insurances. We can provide surface repair works to damaged items for instance worktops, shower trays etc.

CHAS accredited

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