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Crack Stitching - Local Case Study

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

What was wrong with the property?

Cracks in your home look aesthetically unpleasant but they can also be a sign of underlying structural problems. Our client had a crack on the front facing façade of the property. Upon further inspection it was clear that our SPS team could repair the damage using the method of crack stitching.

To find out if your property would benefit from crack stitching read our helpful guide here.

We outline below exactly how we carried out this successful repair:

1. Rake out and Cut Slots

First our team raked out and cut the slots around the bricks so that there was room for the helibar and bond to be installed.

2. Install

Our team applied layer of Helibar grout and installed a Helibar into the grout to support the structure.

Then a second layer of Helibar grout is applied to seal the bar inside the brickwork.

Crack stitch helibar grout
Crack stitch - Helibar grout, 2022.

3. Re-point/ grout

The grout is then smoothed over and the wall is re-pointed to match the rest of the property. As you can see from the final photo, the repair was successful.

Crack stitch repair
Crack stitch repair, 2022.

Contact our specialists to book in your site visit, where we can diagnose the problem and provide a quote. To find out more about our crack stitching process, watch the full project on our YouTube channel below:

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