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Case Study: Bowing Gable Wall Repair (Portsmouth)

Structural Property Solutions were asked to provide specialist wall ties to a property in Portsmouth where extensive bowing to the gable wall had occurred.

This project was especially complex due to the type of wall tie required and the nature of the building next door. Therefore, the wall ties had to be installed both internally and externally due to the proximity of the neighbours' wall.

Repair method

Our team installed MM63 Ancon Mechanical to mechanical wall ties at 900 mm x 450 mm centres to the external and the transferring the patter to install the rest of the ties from internal to external.

Wall tie installation

The ties are installed by drilling a 12 mm hole in the centre of the brick, installing and tightening both the internal and the external ties using the correct installation tools.

Once this had been completed, a new steel box section was attached to the internal leaf of the gable wall to prevent further rotation.

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