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Case Study – All Saints Church

After years of searching for a contractor to take up the restoration of their church floor, the church committee contacted SPS and our partners SSR to provide a solution to remove the existing laminate flooring and replace it with floor tiles to match the existing 150-year-old church.

SPS first completed a site visit, including an investigation which involved drilling holes and an endoscope inspection to investigate the base material under the laminate flooring. Whilst on site we removed an existing tile so we could set about finding a match.

After an extensive search, we found a reclamation yard with the correct tile. Once cleaned and polished the tiles were ready to be used. The exiting laminate flooring was taken up, the old hollow screed base was removed to the required depth and then a new sand and cement base was installed.

The tiles were then laid as per the instruction of the client to make them aesthetically the same as the rest of the church and remove the previous trip hazard of the lip of the laminate flooring. Whilst completing the repairs, SSR completed the timber floor repairs and filled the holes left behind where the original pews had been removed.

The repairs were completed on time and on budget, and the client was very happy with the results. View the gallery below to see the stages of this project...

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