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Case Study - Private Property in North London

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

SPS's most recently completed job was work for a private property in North London.

What was the project?

SPS needed to stabilise the brickwork and the archway after historic movement had caused the arch to move and the brickwork above it to crack.

How can SPS fix it?

Solution: our team installed 2 masonry beams into the mortar joints above the arch the full width of the arch to deflect the load away from the archway. SPS also Installed pinning ties to reconnect the archway back to the keystone.

All cracks were injected with thixotropic cementitious grout and colour-match mortar was installed to allow decoration of the arch by others.

SPS completed this job successfully on time and on budget. View our gallery below to see our team in action.

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