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Crack Repair and Methods​


Cracks in your home look aesthetically unpleasant but they can also be a sign of underlying structural problems. Contact our specialists to book in your site visit and we can diagnose the problem and provide a quote.

Cracks in walls and when to worry UK


Cracks in the walls of your property not only are a  decorative nuisance they can also be a major cause for concern. Some are easily repaired whilst others will require a crack stitching expert to carry out repairs. Read about different types below and contact one of our experts for support.


  • Cracks between 5-15mm may need some professional building work and could suggest that there could be underlying repairs.

  • Cracks over 25mm wide are a  sign of potential structural damage and need to be inspected and repaired by a professional.

  • Cracks about 25mm are considered very severe. The width of these cracks suggests severe structural damage which might require underpinning and rebuilding. 

  • Subsidence cracks can be wider at the top than the bottom and are likely to be visible from outside the property as well as inside.


Causes for cracks can include failed lintels, lateral restraints, seasonal changes, or even ground movement. 

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What is crack stitching?

Crack Stitching is a method used when remedial works are carried out in order to stabilise or reconnect brickwork/masonry that has cracked. This method includes fitting crack stitching bars which are then grouted across cracks in walls in order to reconnect them and provide stability to the masonry.


Our crack stitching specialists have carried out successful stitching on numerous properties and our friendly team can visit your property for an inspection to determine the repairs needed on your wall crack. You can also send photographs to our crack stitching contractor via email to get a specialist opinion and quote for the repair work.


Read more about our crack stitching case studies here, or watch our latest project on our YouTube channel.

Does crack stitching work?

Crack stitching is a reliable, efficient and fast method of reinforcing and repairing cracked walls. Stitching bars are extremely easy for our specialists to install making them a popular choice for many types of crack repair. Once the crack stitching is completed then your wall property will benefit from a strong, fast, and permanent repair solution.

Read more about our crack stitching case studies here, or watch our latest project on our YouTube channel.

Crack stitching specialist

Our crack repair specialists will carry out an onsite inspection at your property, and will then create a report of the issue and quote the repairs that need to be carried out. 


Our specialists will be able to explain whether these causes are innocent and to be expected (for instance, caused by settling foundations, plaster that is drying out, or seasonal thermal shrinkage, etc) or whether there is a more serious problem at play (subsidence, failed lintels, damp, etc.).


We will also recommend remedial works (if required) such as foundation underpinning, replacement floor joists, repairs to failed lintels, and repointing, etc. We will then schedule your repairs.

Contact our specialists to book in your site visit, where we can diagnose the problem and provide a quote.

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