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Brick Repair, Stone Repair, and Brick Tinting

SPS brick repair specialists can repair both new and old brickwork for house builders, contractors, estate agents and homeowners. If your bricks are crumbling due to frost damage or your new extension doesn't quite match the brickwork colour of your home, we can help!

Brick repair


We can efficiently repair failures in new brickwork such as chipped bricks, lime or damages. Old brick isn’t a problem either! Our specialists can restore and repair crumbling red bricks or repair mortar between bricks.

Our services aren’t just limited to households. Any brick structure can be restored, as we can repair garden brick walls, brick wall ties, driveway boundaries, and more!

How to repair brick?


Our expert finishers can address damaged areas and carry out brick wall crack repair before accurately matching the colour and texture of the repair to the rest of the areas.

What about stone repair?


SPS stone repairs covers masonry stone that has been damaged during construction, through to repair and renovation of older stone buildings.

Contact our specialists to book in your site visit, where we can diagnose the problem and provide a quote.

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